Our Leadership Team

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Weldon Culp

Owner, President

Weldon has a Master’s Degree in Teaching Physics, a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, and is certified as an Engineer on a naval submarine nuclear power plant. Weldon’s skills lie in the field of engineering and construction oversight. Part of his job during his 23 year naval career, after being trained as an electrician, was to oversee numerous contractors during new construction of Navy nuclear submarines and to plan and oversee short term, 1-2 month, rehabs of the submarine reactor plants. Family and guests regularly comment on his skill and ability to repair just about anything. Family and friends routinely call for help in home repairs. He has an eye for seeing homes with potential that with some renovation could become your new dream home!


Margaret Culp

Co-owner, Vice President

Margaret has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. Her financial education serves in the capacity of investment and deal analysis. Her continued education with FortuneBuliders Mastery Program provides her with the tools to accurately analyze deals and provide estimates and investor statistics.Margaret and Weldon pic-1

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